Resume Infographic #02: Tips for Writing a Resume in an Online World

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Here’s another infographic with a couple of well designed suggestions for your resume. 

Guys from The Wall Street Journal did mostly a good job, but there is a couple of points I disagree with.

First, Objective section. By no means, everybody should ditch it. It just don’t belong in a modern resume. It says nothing about why a company should hire you. What it says is what you want and employer is not a Genie from Aladdin’s lamp.

Always have in mind that your resume is a marketing brochure about your skills and accomplishments. Would you expect Coca Cola to talk about their targeted net annual profit in their advertisement? No? Well, you shouldn’t talk about your goals either.

Read more about how obsolete Objective section in your resume is in this comprehensive article about Objective replacement – a Summary section.

Another point I strongly disagree is putting any notion of references in your resume. It’s understood that you have them. Don’t waste precious resume’s real estate on understood information. 

Read all you need to know about references in another comprehensive article.

Besides these two points, this infographic contains some pretty useful information on your resume.

Give it a look.

tips for writing a resume in an online world
Tips for Writing a Resume in an Online World

Source: The Wall Street Journal

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