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Rising Star Resumes
Rising Star Resumes

Lynda Spiegel founded Rising Star Resumes to leverage her experience as a human resources executive who has personally recruited and hired thousands of talented individuals. That experience has afforded her the best understanding you can find about which resumes will get read and which will be by-passed. Since every recruiter must go through hundreds of resumes before choosing those that make it to the first cut, Lynda knows exactly how you need to communicate that you may be “The One.”

While there are many professional resume writers who do excellent work and whose resumes are well-written and specifically targeted, there are far more “resume mills” that churn out resumes within an hour, complete with cover letter, and charge only $25! If this sounds too good to be true, it is. These resume services give your resume to a staff writer who almost certainly has no knowledge about recruiting or human resources best practices for hiring. They use templates instead of creating a fresh resume that showcases your professional brand. Furthermore, you should never purchase a generic cover letter – nor should you use one.

At Rising Star Resumes, Lynda works one-on-one with professionals as well as recent graduates to develop their professional brand and create a compelling value proposition for employers. Her resumes quantify achievements – up front, where recruiters will see it, not buried within the experience section of the resume. She uses a clean, contemporary format that recruiters find easy to read and that subliminally conveys that you are current with your skill set.

LinkedIn profile development and career counseling are also provided.

Lynda Spiegel, professional resume writer
Lynda Spiegel, professional resume writer

Lynda Spiegel is a graduate of The University of Rochester (BA – Philosophy) and Queens College, City University of New York (MA – English), with doctoral level courses at CUNY’s Graduate Center in Rhetoric. Her career has included work at Citigroup (Smith Barney), as well as small to mid-sized financial services, telecomm and SaaS companies. She has recruited and hired in the following fields: IT, legal, finance, sales, marketing, public relations, media, project management and customer service. Since beginning Rising Star Resumes, Lynda has provided resume help that has gotten great results not only in the fields listed above, but in nursing, education, culinary arts, construction management, service professions, real estate and performing arts. She has also written resumes for entrepreneurs!

Rising Star Resumes

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