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The job hunt. We’ve all been there. It’s a time consuming, stressful process that seems almost like a job in and of itself.

Except it doesn’t pay. We spend hour after hour pouring over job ads, adapting our resume to various different jobs, and feeling dejected every time that rejection email filters silently into our inbox, fitting itself in-between two other rejection emails.

The worst part is trying to get that interview. That’s all we want. An interview. A chance.

The biggest obstacle to getting that interview is our resume. The problem is that not all of us are blessed writers. We weren’t all born with the ability to simply and yet clearly express our strengths, minimize our weaknesses, and focus on why we’d be the perfect candidate for the job. Getting our resume right can be the hardest thing to do. But the biggest mistake we could ever make is not asking for help.


The Mission

Resume Writing Service was created in 2009 with the aim of providing a top-quality, highly effective service for job candidates who need help with their resumes. Home to a team of expert professionals with years of experience in the resume writing sector, Resume Writing Service employs only the very best, most consummate writers from the USA, the UK and Canada.

They have worked diligently to cherry pick the very best English-speaking writers, the idea being that you simply cannot shirk on quality when it comes to your resume, with some of their scribes being CPRW’s, Certified Resume Strategists, HR managers, as well as coaching professionals.

It is their remit to enrich our service with a team of dedicated and quality resume writers and strategists who not only know the industry inside out, but who present an eye-catching, succinct and clear overview of our clients’ assets. Not only do they provide a service for those based in the aforementioned countries, but they also assist any overseas-based individual looking to apply for a job in the U.S.


What Else Do They Do?

Resume writing is not all they do. At Resume Writing Service they recognize that getting that dream job is not just about having a good resume. It’s about presenting ourselves well at the interview, as well as strengthening our online presence and making employers aware of who we are and how we can benefit their company.

For this reason, Resume Writing Service also assists with LinkedIn Profile Development, often from the ground up, as well as Personal Resume Website Creation. They provide Interview Coaching, Job Search Assistance, Reference Verification, as well as Candidate Profile Screening.

In short, they are a company dedicated to helping their clients get better jobs. Each and every one of the services they provide is delivered by their team of professionals, and they pride themselves on being ranked consistently as one of the best in our sector.


Unbeatable Service

They thus provide a number of services for unbeatable prices, starting from the lowest-priced Resume Writing Service package to the rather excellent all-in-one-pack, which is also their most popular. Each service is provided by a forward-thinking team that is always on the lookout for trends and innovations in a bid to not just keep themselves ahead of the game, but to make sure that their clients stay ahead too.

Purchasing a service with them is easy. Clients simply need to decide which package they want, order it using simple order form, upload their material which gives an insight into who they are and what they’re all about, and fill in the payment details.

Then the magic happens. They set to work, and because they at Resume Writing Service are dedicated to making the service they provide as personal as possible, they telephone their clients to have a chat about the details of their order, before keeping in constant touch with them during the course of the process. This means that there is no breakdown in communication, and by speaking to their clients personally, they are able to gain a better understanding of exactly who they are promoting.

They also offer a free revision if the client feels that the first draft is not as effective at selling them as it could be, and they currently have 96% customer satisfaction.

To put it simply, they at Resume Writing Service care about their clients, and they make it their missions to improve their lives of others by helping them making that important climb up the career ladder.

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