Vladimir Popovic
Vladimir Popovic

Dear Job Seekers,

I’m Vladimir Popovic, father to two gorgeous girls and a Branch Manager in one of the top international banks.

I want to make Epic CV the greatest online resource for the most comprehensive articles on the topic of resumes/CVs the world has ever seen. This is going to be the place-to-go when you think of a resume/CV.

Back then when I was applying for my first real job, I tried to make a proper resume/CV and spent numerous hours reading reference books from that field.  It paid off, landed me an interview and since then I strived to make it better. During my career I was often asked by friends, colleagues and relatives to help them with their resumes/CVs. It soon became my passion. Over the years, I studied thousands of pages on the topic of resume/CV architecture and I grew up into an expert in that field.

It’s proven by tens of interviews landed with my resumes/CVs.

Now, I’m ready to share my expertise with you on these pages. The reason why I founded Epic CV is because I can feel your pain being a job seeker, always questioning is your resume/CV good enough, formatted as it should be, does it contain all the relevant information etc. I was in your shoes once, I know what it feels like and that’s the sole reason why I want to make your job hunt easier.

In November 2014th I knew nothing about web design or how to put my own website up and running. I spent nights and nights learning about it and the result is in front of you. It might be a little unpolished, but it gets the job done. That is exactly what I’m going to try to teach you about your resume/CV, but in a much shorter period of time. I’m going to show you how to make something good, with a value, even if you don’t know anything about that right now.

Epic CV is going to be an encyclopedia of expert guidelines for constructing your resume/CV, arranged into easy-to-find and easy-to-read articles with some additional bonuses. I will try to write THE most comprehensive articles on the net about every aspect of resume/CV. I will include recruiters’/hiring managers’ perspectives into this material, so you can find out firsthand what they want.

It seems that I started doing the right thing since this is one of the comments I received on my article about resume/CV length here:

Nothing better could be said on this important subject. Your article is a lighthouse of useful tips for every job seeker. This indeed is a very noble contribution.

Gurmeet Singh Randhir


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Vladimir Popovic

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January, 2015.


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